The key to advocacy is education, and this has been a focus for BPW Ottawa since its inception. Our annual program is built around educating ourselves about issues of importance to members (remember, they aren’t ‘women’s issues’, they are everyone’s issues) locally and across Canada. To name just a few, we have hosted speakers on:

  • missing and murdered Aboriginal women
  • the wage gap
  • child care
  • violence against women
  • drug addiction rehabilitation


But advocacy ultimately involves giving public support to specific causes. Although BPW Ottawa is a relatively new and small organization,  we want to become recognized as an organization known for strong advocacy for issues of concern to women. Already we have:

  • Supported the successful petitioning of the Ontario Government to declare Equal Pay Day (April 9th) in support of closing the gender wage gap
  • Encouraged members to participate in political rallies, such as those on Parliament Hill in support of Families of Missing and Murdered Women

And through our affiliation with BPW Ontario and BPW Canada we are working towards combating human trafficking and improving economic prospects for Canadian girls, to name a few. Our connection with the provincial and national organizations lends strength and expertise to our local club, ensuring that we respond to issues in an informed and responsible manner.
Throughout the coming year we intend to continue and develop our advocacy work, and are looking for members who are eager to join us. Together we can make a difference!


Click HERE to view the brief presented to Kathleen Wynne in October 2015.


NDP Leader response to BPW Canada…


NDP Leader Thomas Mulcair confirms his committment to equality for women, including pay equity. He assured BPW Canada that every piece of legislation is examined for its impact on women by the Women′s Caucus.




Government of Canada Congratulates BPW on 85 Years of Advocacy  

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